Terms of service

Last updated: 4th August 2022

§ 1. General

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the customer (“Customer”, “you”) and Velmico (“we”, “us”). The agreement applies to all services offered by Velmico.


Customer means an adult natural person or a legal entity.

§ 2. Scope

The Agreement covers the following points: duration of the Agreement and fees (clause 3), liability and rights (clause 4), support, and resale (clause 5).

§ 3. Contract period and fees

Fees for the subscription are payable in advance against the invoice via a payment card (“Stripe”), Swish, or PayPal.

The contractual period of the subscription runs indefinitely from the time of ordering. All services are payable monthly unless otherwise specified by us.

§ 4 Liability and rights


If the service is used in violation of Swedish or international law, the service will be discontinued without compensation to the customer. Crimes will be reported to the appropriate authority.
If the service is used for port scanning, DOS attacks, or other types of activities where the goal is to get out other information IP addresses, destroy, or similar, the service will be shut down immediately without compensation.
Rules may be changed over time for irregularities or technical conditions that may arise.

The customer has full responsibility for all events carried out this performs through its service. I.e. the Customer is also fully responsible for third-party users.

The Customer is responsible for keeping all data entered correctly according to the population register or various authorities for other legal entities.

If the Customer does not pay his/her invoice on time, a late payment fee of 20% of the order price will be added.

§ 5. Support and reselling

As a customer, you are fully responsible for any external programs or files on your VPS or service. This means that we are not obliged to help you with non-functioning or virus-infected files and programs.

Reselling is allowed as long as your customers are informed and are following Velmico’s terms and conditions. If one or more of your customers violates our terms and conditions, it is you as the Customer who will have to take the consequences. Velmico will not provide any form of support third-party customers.

§ 6. Personal data

Velmico collects the data provided by the Customer, on the basis of the Personal Data Act (Swedish Act 1998:204) and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Act 2016:679). Complaints regarding the collection or processing of personal data are primarily sent to Velmico. If the dispute is not resolved, further complaints will be sent to the Data Protection Authority.